Friday, August 04, 2006

United 93

Yesterday my wife and I saw United 93 in Amsterdam.

I usually look at the site Rotten Tomatoes before I go to a film, and usually it is a very accurate judge of films for me. If it gives a rating below 60% I don't even bother to go.

United 93 is rated 90% - right on.

Great film. You feel the knot in your stomach already at the first scenes of a normal day on the East Coast. Normal people, getting on a normal flight. I can go a whole flight without saying anything to anybody - I usually prefer it that way, in fact (I never even used to feel guilty when I listened to evangelists who told about how they used the plane ride to evangelize seatmates).

The film just shows what happened on board that flight - at least what can be pieced together from telephone calls and other information. You learn nothing more about the passengers than what you would normally learn from passengers - until it is crisis time.

Of course you ask yourself the question whether you would have been part of the mutiny on board that plane. Of course I don't know - but would it be arrogant to say "I think so"?

I have felt these emotions before, but you want to just kill those hijackers.

It was a terrible and brutal day. It was totally wrong, with no justification. I hope no one takes my comments on this log about the War on Terror to mitigate the horror of that day at all.

At least the Japanese were honorable enough to attack military men.

I am worried about Muslim extremism, and I think we already have the 3rd World War on our hands. That's why I 'm so concerned that we fight it properly.

This film helps us understand.

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