Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The Rasmussen Report reported recently on the results of a poll in which Americans were questioned about their belief in the “literal truth” of the Bible.

“Not surprisingly” the Bible belt region lives up to it’s name with a high percentage of people who believe the Bible is literally true, concludes the report.

The website of the Rasmussen report says nothing about which side of cultural or political issues it tends to take. It’s also really hard to tell from the ads on the site. A site which reports on Bill Clinton’s new girlfriend is perched prominently at the top of the page. At the bottom is the “Just Hillary Clinton” news. On another page the “World’s Last Chance” website is advertised - the USA and the Papacy want a new world order, it's been predicted for 2000 years, and don't become a victim of it!

And apparently 2006 is the “Year of the Apology”: Post An Apology looks at the politics, entertainment, and culture in which we live. See who IS apologizing, who SHOULD BE apologizing, and who doesn't have a CLUE!

Usually the quality of the advertising on a website says something to me about the quality of the rest of the site. I find it hard take seriously a site full of advertisements for Viagra en penile implants. And believe me, I have been referred to sites like that as a source of truth by conservative Christians! So make your own conclusions about the Rasmussen site.

Anyway – to get back on track: the report itself is very confusing. When referring to the Bible it uses different terms to ask about (or report on) how people view the Bible.

These terms are used interchangeably, making an interpretation of the report almost useless:

literally true, authenticity and literal truth, Bible's authenticity, Bible is true

What disturbs me is not just the lack of clarity in the questions and the report (it is very reasonable to believe in the authenticity of a historical document without believing it is literally true, for example).

The survey is placed in the framework of Republicans and Democrats. The conclusion really is: Republicans are good Bible-believing Christians, Democrats are not.

Or, as someone wrote me recently: I'd rather be poor, fat, ignorant, conservative fool for Christ, than a rich, suave, intelligent liberal, who is nothing more than a fool. (I kid you not!)

I guess I’m really sad about the “cultural” and “religious” war being fought in the United States between “Right” and “Left”.

If there is any group that should know that a “war” mentality is not Jesus’ approach to the world it should be Christians.

I’m trembling already at what the next set of elections are going to bring (and the set after that).

And don’t forget to check out Bill’s new girlfriend!!

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The Rapier's said...

Um- did that person not realize that the majority of Republicans are filthy rich millionaires? Most Democrats I know (which admittedly are few in this part of the country) are not rich. So someone has obviosly not been paying attention....
Aside from that, just try to mention that you will vote Democrat or question the policies of a Republican candidate in a church down here and you are likely to lose your head or be ex-communicated... And don't you dare question the war... And oh yeah, and I also refuse to watch Fox News which probably makes me a heretic...
Of course, I think it is also important to note that most people that I know are not as "right" or "left" as the media would make them out to be. It makes for better news when the media can show the rabid opions on both sides and let them duke it out.
But your right, I have little hope for the next elections. People's emotions are running hot and high about too many issues that it really has the potential to get ugly.Not to mention the fact that most of these hot button issues have no bearing on the real issues that are facing this nation like poor education, poverty, and the like.