Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fanny Pack: what women never think of

Last week I was with a (female) friend of mine when she - in a move that surprised me, because I didn't expect it of her - put on a "Fanny Pack".

For different styles of Fanny Packs, click here, or here, or here, or here.

Because we have a relationship based on perfect honesty, I shared with her two thoughts of mine about Fanny Packs. She had never thought of these things, and I share them with you because it may revolutionize the woman's relationship to Fanny Packs.

Here they are:

1. A Fanny Pack screams at the world "I am an American!!!" You are welcome to scream that if you like, and perhaps you deliberately want to scream that as you toddle around this dangerous world (an American is afraid of lots of things). But just so you know.

2. A Fanny Pack placed like this:

screams: "Look at my crotch!".

I really don't think most women want to send that message (again, I realize that there are women who do - feel free, go ahead, don't let me stop you), but you should know that it is pretty hard for any redblooded man not to go there.

For those of you who always wanted to know what is under those fanny packs, you can click here. But click here only if you really want to! You have been warned! (Why did you click?)

Anyway, I promised her I would do a service to all those unknowing women who walk around with Fanny Packs.

I keep my promises.

Now it's up to you. She will never wear one again.


The Rapier's said...

Hee hee
This is hilarious. And I just always thought that fanny packs were nerdy.......

Anonymous said...

get over yourself. they are practical for moms who have a million things to carry.