Monday, May 21, 2007

Short story

Apparently there is a genre of short stories which I had never heard of.
It is called Very Short Stories.
The stories are no longer than six words.

Ernest Hemingway made one, and according to tradition, called it his best work ever.
Here it is:
For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.
I'm thinking of asking my congregation to respond to the sermon and the service on Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, with six words. We will immediately show them on the beamer.
Try one yourself.
Any topic is fine.
One I got from a friend in Holland: Ax. Tomorrow I might be widowed.
Put it on the weblog as a comment to this post!
Good luck!


Aaron said...

Hey! Write a story for Norm.

Aaron said...

That took me a long time.

The Rapier's said...

You should be working.

Aaron said...

Who should? Me? or your father?