Monday, January 22, 2007


Well, she's done it.
She's going to run.

I hope they don't, but the Religious Right is going to have her for dinner, if they can.

Which I don't really understand.

When her husband strayed, she stayed with him.

Sounds like pretty good family values to me.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering how you could say someone has values when they are in a relationship that is self-serving? She stayed with him for political reasons. If she was a strong woman she would have left him when he first showed lack of respect for his family and her by wandering. When you are in a relationship (not necessarily married) you stand by, care for and support your partner. When someone puts themselves first and thinks of what "they" want, the relationship is over. There is no value or future to a "me" relationship. You can be there as a friend to the other person but never should you be a weak mate.

Norman said...

How do you know she stayed with him for political reasons? Can you see that in her heart?
I don't know if you are married or not, or if you are a Christian. But it seems to me that it is the most Christian thing to do to honor your marriage vows even when your partner has gone off the rails. As a pastor I always hope people will do that if they can. I realize adultery is a biblical grounds for divorce, but the Bible doe snot say one MUST divorce in that case. Again, it is an evidence of deep love, grace and forgiveness when the betrayed partner stays anyway.
I'm just saying that I think the rel. Right would appreciate that in Hillary, if there was any objectivity at all. Based on your second sentence, there doesn't seem to be much.