Sunday, June 04, 2006


A short piece about Pentecost, a day that gets little attention in our churches.

I have been impressed the last while with the idea that God's Spirit has been poured out on all people. I didn't grow up with that idea.

But it gives a tremendously positive approach to life.

For example:

Someone is a very friendly person.
Someone is faithful for many years to his or her partner.
Someone sacrificially cares for a sick mother in law.
Someone is patient for many years with a partner who can give nothing in return.

(To be clear: it doesn't matter to me if this person is a "christian" or not. And I assume that the motives of this person are somewhat decent. This is not about someone who cares for his sick mother in law in order to guarantee that he gets the inheritance.)

Where does someone get what it takes to do this?
(Our society would say that it comes from within yourself. OK, but what if you can't do it anymore?)

I think there can only be two possible sources for these kinds of actions:

The devil.
Or the Spirit.

It seems pretty clear to me which it is.


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