Monday, June 19, 2006


Yesterday I spoke at a church service that was entirely focused on children. They had set up the church to look like a campground, and the theme was "Friendship". Even though I am not at my best with small children, is was fun to do and I enjoyed it.

It's not easy to think of how to be clear, simple and practical in getting something across to kids.

What I finally did was this: God is really your best friend. But you can't see Him, you can't feel Him touch you. (When I asked the kids if they could hear Him, a couple of them said yes! I was expecting a "no"across the board. O ye of little faith and restricted to your own experience...)

But He has given you other people - and when you see, hear and feel them, you are feeling God.

When I gave the blessing, I asked everyone to take the hand of the person next to them to make that connection.

A number of adults commented afterwards that that was a very helpful perspective for them.

Probably every sermon should be a kid's sermon.

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