Sunday, August 12, 2007

God loves the world according to Pyromaniacs

If you want to experience first-hand what kind of exegetical summersaults Augustinians have to perform to explain how God can love the world while condemning some or many to hell, check this link to Pyromaniacs.
I read this blog because I want to be balanced in my reading, but I disagree pretty thoroughly with their theology.
And I find it interesting that there are almost no dissenting voices on their comments any more. People have given up trying to interact fruitfully with them.
But - check it out for yourself.

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Robert said...

I read the link to Pyro's blog.

I can only speak for myself when I say that although I didn't comment as I would have added nothing to the thread that was unique...I do agree; "the world" frequently does not mean "everybody who ever lived or will live without exception."

Even in English we do the same thing, but we don't give it a second thought because it's so common.
"Everybody hates me!" How often have we heard that from a teen? Do we automatically assume that everyone in the world without exception hates little Suzy? No...we understand what she's saying.

Likewise, "kosmos" "world" has a semantic range and the context is what determines that.

Sorry for being long winded BUT...

The theology of "limited atonement" or "Christ didn't die for everyone who ever lived without exception" but He DID atone for "his sheep" is very solidly attested to in scripture. two cents...